Tattoos by Brian Barrett

Custom Black & Grey skin doodler 

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Brian Barrett

About me 


I would first like to thank you for taking the time to check out my website.


I am a Black & Grey artist and have been tattooing since 1999, creating custom freehand tattoos, portraits and cover-ups. Over the years I have tattooed many different styles and love the art of tattooing in general. Making your tattoo experience a little more than just awesome art

My process is mainly freehand. When I freehand your tattoo it becomes more than just a tattoo it becomes a true experience. I will typically start with a lighter colored sharpie, like Yellow, to capture the area and basic shapes of your design. Then using a little darker of a Sharpie, Orange or Red to start pulling the image into focus and creating more of the subject. Finally I will define the piece with a darker color like Blue to have a Skin Doodle that will last during the tattoo process. While drawing on you we will discuss the design and get a more in depth tattoo. 

The other way is to have a drawing done prior to your appointment, Drawing your tattoo out first is fun too, but in order for me to stay fresh on your tattoo, drawings are mostly done the week of the appointment.

When doing a portrait it is best to work directly from the photo. This is only because for me to draw or paint a portrait could take anywhere from 5-20 hours or more, and unless you are able to buy both tattoo and art work it's not the best option.  

Cover ups are tricky only because you become very limited to what can be done to take care of your old tattoo. Best advise is to have an open mind and we can talk over the options. I prefer to freehand cover up pieces. 

If you have ideas that you would like to share with me please don't hesitate to ask.